Below are some images of my current solo art exhibit at Mandolino Restaurant, located at 137 East 13 St NY NY 10003.

Titled: Abstract Visions


Abstract Visions is a collection of paintings that deal with the perception of being at a particular place or actually being there at a point in time. There is so much beauty in our dreams. Sometimes these dreams are goals, which we strive to achieve. I see everything in geometric shapes and color, that includes my dreams. Abstract Visions is what I see when I dream. "I see COLOR" Do you?  


Come to Mandolino Restaurant for the art and stay for the food.  








Images of The Set NYC group art show.  The art show was in conjunction with Fashion Week.  It was a fund raiser to fight child trafficking. Three of my paintings were on view, one of them Shinning Through acrylic on canvas pictured above. 


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is currently exhibiting work by artist

José Fernando Londoño 929.358.4740

Meet the artist and food tasting

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 

from 6pm - 9pm

Mandolino Ristorante Pizzeria

137E 13 St NY NY 10003




tickets are $30

RSVP by phone 212.477.1535

online at,

Taste Italian food by Chef Agostino Cangiano of Naples Italy and now Mandolino Ristorate.  Meet and speak with artist Jose Londono.  Find out more about his art and what he is currently doing.  Meet Carolina Bolivar, Cesar Guevara and Chef Agostino Cangiano who brought a bit of Naples to the East Village.



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“All exposure is good exposure, that is the name of the game on the art world”




Mandolino Restaurant

137 East 13 Street NYC NY 10003




In todays economy, artists need to be not only proactive but creative in exposing their art. I have found that as artists we are always constantly looking for exposure. Creating exposure around our works of art. An artist today needs to be not just artist but creative marketers and business men. Some say well, an artist is just that an artist, not a business man. However a person needs to look at it from the point of view of the artist. Our art is also our lively hood. For the majority of us, art is who we are. We paint, we draw or sculpt because it is in our blood, we live and breath art. The question is, so you can paint, how do you intend to make a living with it? That is the question asked of us by many. The majority of artist will never see a penny in their life time. Some become extremely successful while others just about barely make it by. We need to not only be creative wonders but stupendous business men. After all someone needs to handle the business side of our art. We have to take into consideration studio expenses, art supplies, marketing and once sold, what to do with the money that is left after we have taken care of all the expenses. So, going back to the beginning, yes, an artist is not just an artist. He needs to be versatile and be able to handle the many different roles of being an artist.
To get exposure we need to be willing to put our art in places that regularly are not art galleries; an example is, restaurants. We need to bite the bullet and go into a restaurant and speak with the manager of the establishment. Other places are libraries, banks and hotel lobbies. We as artists need to be willing to get out there and put our art in places where normally we would not; because lets face it, we know that a sale is not going to come of it. However, the next time one of the pedestrians walking by or eating at one of these establishment is in need of art work; he will remember that artist that painted that wonderful piece he saw on the lobby of the company he work at. Or the owner or manager of a gallery that just happens to be meeting with a potential client at a restaurant. She will see the art work and wonder, who is this and how do I get him or her in the gallery? Does this artist have anyone representing him? Those are some questions that the gallery owner/manager will want answers to.
Selling art is never an easy task. That is why there are people out there that do it for a living.
Many times I saay to myself, yes I have talent, I can paint but how do I get people to know my name and want to buy my art? After all, the more people recognize who I am, the higher the demand on my art. Therefore I will be able to live of my art. Those thoughts are shared by most artists. The only questions are so how do I get my name and art out to the masses? I can’t leave something like that to someone else to do. I will need to make it happen somehow.
Focus, and make an art plan, where do I plan on being in a couple of years? How do I make ends meet in the meantime? Art is more than just being a creative, It is about being a great business entrepreneur.

So, the next time you are out at a restaurant dinning with friends and see a great piece of art on the walls, maybe then you too will say to yourself, I wonder who the artist is? Is the art for sale?


I want to thank my friends Cesar Guevara and Carolina Bolivar owners of Mandolino Restaurant for this incredible oportunity in showing my art work in their restaurant.


I'll leave with this quote,

"In the end, ART will walk the paths of time and tell our story"


Mandolino Pizza Restaurant


Opening Friday January 27, 2017

137 east 13 St NYC NY 10003

Art and photos by Jose Londono,

Mandolino Restaurant on Manhattan's East Village,



For more information regarding Jose Londono,

email: phone: 929.358.4740


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 Today was the art talk with yours truly as the guest of honor at Harborfields Public Library Gallery Show, in Long Island NY. I was quite nervous at first not knowing what to expect from an art talk; or if anyone was going to show up at all. As I walked in I noticed that there were already people waiting to meet me. Wow, they came for me, they were there with a curiosity in what I had to say. What my inspirations for each painting were? How long have I been painting? How long does it take me to make a painting that measures 36” x 36”? I was asked such terrific questions. These were people that were fascinated by my work and what I had to say. As I began to speak the nervousness slowly dissipated. I very quickly realized that they were there to see and speak with me. They wanted to meet the person behind the art hanging on the walls. It was a wonderful feeling. Although I did not sell any art work, I did realize that my art mattered. Today I got a chance to speak to some really terrific people. They did not realize exactly how much I needed to see a turn out like I had today. As an artist it is a great feeling when someone you don’t know or just met shows interest in my creative thinking and final product.

 As I left I turned around and couldn’t help but be thankful to my dear friend Michelle Athanas for introducing me to Susan Hope from Harborfields Public Library. I now have two solo shows underneath my belt, thanks to such wonderful ladies like Michelle and Susan. I feel honored and privilege for the for chance of showing my work in a solo exhibit. Many times as artists we have to share the exhibit with other artists. Solo events do not happen very frequent.

 To Susan and her staff, I want to thank you for allowing me to show my art work.
 To Michelle, thank you for believing in my work and introducing me to the people in Long Island New York.


Thank you all for having me,



For more information regarding Londono art email me: or call me at 212-666-9595


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Come and see a collection of spectacular color in the

"Renacer Collection" by artist José Fernando Londoño

On view October 1 - 31, 2016

 See how color can change the mood or brighten up anyones day. 


Get a chance to meet him in person for an Artist Talk

Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 3pm.

 At the Harborfields Public Library

Tickets are not necesary and everyone is welcome. 

 For a chance to see what inspires him?

Why did he name his art collection "The Renacer Collection"

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Harborfields Public Library

31 Broadway, Greenlawn, NY 11740

631-757-4200 ext. 124


for information on this art show visit the website: 

 For directions to the art show just click on the link below:



Works of "Acrylic on Slate" 


A recent trip took me to Lancaster, PA...  


For those that have never been to this part of the country, Lancaster is a part of Pennsylvania which is mostly farm land.  Also known as, Pennsylvania Dutch. Although recently big corporations are starting to infiltrate this beautiful and peaceful land.  That is never any good.  When visiting a farm of a close friend, I realized just how beautiful and peaceful country life could be. This particular farm has a farm house that dates back to the early 1800's.  Absolutely amazing to think that a house has been standing for that length of time.  Lancaster, PA was settled mostly by the Amish and Mennonite.To this day, the Amish and Mennonite's are still very much a part of the Lancaster.  They can be seen running small local farm stores to the big corporate retail chains, the Amish and Mennonites' are very much a part of the community.


While walking around the farm, I noticed stacks of slate.  Slate was used on roofs because of its durability.  Slate is a natural rock that if cut thin enough, it can be used on roofs without needing extra reinforment. I began to imagine all the beautiful paintings that I would be able to make.  Since I work with acrylics, I know that acrylic paint is extremely versitle. They can be used on just about anything, which I do.  I spoke with my friend and very much to my surprise we worked out a deal. I was able to bring home with me, a little over a dozen pieces to work on.  When I got back to New York City, I began the process of cleaning them and getting them ready for paint.  I am currently in the process of working on this series of acrylic on slate.  I don't have a title for the series except for "Acrylic on Slate or Works on Slate" The first three works from the series are now up for view on my website. 







"Our physical being may eventually pass but ART is forever." 


José Fernando Londoño

For inquiries regarding purchases or commission contact me at: or 212.666.9595. 

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"The Renacer Collection"

on exhibit at the

Northport Public Library.

Every now and again, we get the great fortune as artists to get our own solo exhibit.  This is mine: "The Renacer Collection"


Many ask me why that particular title?  There is reason behind my madness, I say.  Renacer is from spanish, it's translation is: to be reborn, rebirth.  That is pretty much how I felt when I created this collection.  At this point in time, I am changing my life completely.  I have gone from a stable management job, to the life of an artist.  Good most of the time however, at times very financially rough but, I wouldn't have it any other way.  At fifty, I feel that I am finally coming into my own, a rebirth of sorts.


No one said life as an artist would ever be easy, but it sure is fullfiling. To create something out of a blank canvas and watching it slowly come to life is a feeling that only another artist would understand; it is almost magical. To see the works that I have stressed over to create and seeing them now hanging on the walls of clients and galleries; wow! I get butterflies when I realize and say to myself, those are mine and they like them.  They really like my art work; the short thin, quiet man from Colombia. I wish I could express what I feel when someone buys or shows interest in one of my paintings...




Join me José Londono on openning day, as I talk about 

the collection, my inspiration and my art work as a whole.


 Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 7pm-9pm at the

Northport Public Library. 





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