José Fernando Londoño is a Colombian born artist but has spent most of his life in New York City.  Art has influenced him both culturally and personally from an early age.  He first began painting with a self-taught style focusing on realism and still life.  Today his style has morphed into contemporary abstract - obvious in both the texture and color of his work.


In his recent collection titled "Renacer" a portrait of overcoming struggle, can be identified.  After many years in a management position he found himself unemployed during a down economy and struggling with his epilepsy. This unemployment stress made his epilepsy seizures more frequent and severe, ultimately leading to a depression. José Fernando turned inward and took his struggle to the canvas creating the "Renacer Collection," where images of overcoming his struggles can be found to inspire others.


He is currently pursuing a degree in Multimedia Arts at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. When not tending to school work, he can be found creating new art work and marketing mostly through social media and his website; proof that a person can reinvent life after fifty.


Renacer:  Intransitive verb, from Spanish to be reborn, rebirth, to revive, come back new again. 

Update: José Fernando is currently working on a new series of paintings titled, "Compositions on Slate" This new series came about after a recent trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  In this part of the country, houses can date back to the early part of the 1800s. Slate can still be found as the roof of choice of most barns and farm houses. While on a farm of a close friend, he came across several stacks of slate. Slate is a natural rock therefor it can be quite heavy. However if cut at the correct thickness; it is a perfect structure for holding paint.  This gave José Fernando an idea.  He would try painting on slate. The paintings would need to be smaller than most of the work that he is accustomed. How to display or hang them would present a new obstacle. The first four works from the series can now be viewed on his website, Acrylic on slate the series of works by José Fernando Londoño is a departure from the usual however, the colors and composition that he brings to each piece remains the same.  The paintings on slate are done in the abstract signature style of Londoño and what he has is known for. The jewel tones used allow this ordinary rock to be transformed into an exclusive work of art that can be mesmerizing.


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In the end, ART will live forever.  ART, will walk the paths of time and tell our story.


 José Fernando Londoño


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