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“All exposure is good exposure, that is the name of the game on the art world”




Mandolino Restaurant

137 East 13 Street NYC NY 10003




In todays economy, artists need to be not only proactive but creative in exposing their art. I have found that as artists we are always constantly looking for exposure. Creating exposure around our works of art. An artist today needs to be not just artist but creative marketers and business men. Some say well, an artist is just that an artist, not a business man. However a person needs to look at it from the point of view of the artist. Our art is also our lively hood. For the majority of us, art is who we are. We paint, we draw or sculpt because it is in our blood, we live and breath art. The question is, so you can paint, how do you intend to make a living with it? That is the question asked of us by many. The majority of artist will never see a penny in their life time. Some become extremely successful while others just about barely make it by. We need to not only be creative wonders but stupendous business men. After all someone needs to handle the business side of our art. We have to take into consideration studio expenses, art supplies, marketing and once sold, what to do with the money that is left after we have taken care of all the expenses. So, going back to the beginning, yes, an artist is not just an artist. He needs to be versatile and be able to handle the many different roles of being an artist.
To get exposure we need to be willing to put our art in places that regularly are not art galleries; an example is, restaurants. We need to bite the bullet and go into a restaurant and speak with the manager of the establishment. Other places are libraries, banks and hotel lobbies. We as artists need to be willing to get out there and put our art in places where normally we would not; because lets face it, we know that a sale is not going to come of it. However, the next time one of the pedestrians walking by or eating at one of these establishment is in need of art work; he will remember that artist that painted that wonderful piece he saw on the lobby of the company he work at. Or the owner or manager of a gallery that just happens to be meeting with a potential client at a restaurant. She will see the art work and wonder, who is this and how do I get him or her in the gallery? Does this artist have anyone representing him? Those are some questions that the gallery owner/manager will want answers to.
Selling art is never an easy task. That is why there are people out there that do it for a living.
Many times I saay to myself, yes I have talent, I can paint but how do I get people to know my name and want to buy my art? After all, the more people recognize who I am, the higher the demand on my art. Therefore I will be able to live of my art. Those thoughts are shared by most artists. The only questions are so how do I get my name and art out to the masses? I can’t leave something like that to someone else to do. I will need to make it happen somehow.
Focus, and make an art plan, where do I plan on being in a couple of years? How do I make ends meet in the meantime? Art is more than just being a creative, It is about being a great business entrepreneur.

So, the next time you are out at a restaurant dinning with friends and see a great piece of art on the walls, maybe then you too will say to yourself, I wonder who the artist is? Is the art for sale?


I want to thank my friends Cesar Guevara and Carolina Bolivar owners of Mandolino Restaurant for this incredible oportunity in showing my art work in their restaurant.


I'll leave with this quote,

"In the end, ART will walk the paths of time and tell our story"


Mandolino Pizza Restaurant


Opening Friday January 27, 2017

137 east 13 St NYC NY 10003

Art and photos by Jose Londono,

Mandolino Restaurant on Manhattan's East Village,



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