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Danh Vo (b. 1975)in Vietnam, brought up in Denmark, Danh now lives and works in Berlin.  His conceptual art and installations come from his past experiences that he's lived through.  


His most recent work is the installation "WE THE PEOPLE" currently in City Hall Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park May 17 thru December 5, 2014.  This installation is a life size replica of Lady Liberty.  He remained true to the copper skin and even the tiniest of details as the rivets.  Danh never plans on assembling it.  What he did is sheer genius  the artist scattered the parts around both parks with a map of the statue. The map tells where its location is.  Being there and seeing it up close really gives you an idea of just how huge of a project it must have been.  I encourage everyone to go to both parks or at least one and see for yourself the genius of Danh Vo - artist.