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Well after careful consideration, the Blick on Bushwick art show curators decided to go with "THE THREE OF US" for the art show next month.  This is a painting that I dedicated to the bond of siblings.  In this case both my sisters and me.  Siblings share a bond that usually endures the test of time.  In a sea of land and time you'll see three little shapes that come out of the same strand.  The blue is a culmination of several hues of blue interpreting life.  From its very core comes three red shapes symbolizing love.  As dainty as the three red lines are in comparicent to the blue that surrounds them, they are very bold and powerful.  I hope that everyone enjoys this piece as much as I enjoyed painting it.  The Blick on Bushwick art show will be held in December in Brooklyn.  There will be more information coming up in the next few days, leading up to the show.