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As we start a new year it is nice to first look back at the year that just ended.  I usually ask myself just how many of the goals that I first set out at the beginning of 2014 did I manage to accomplish.  So as I begin 2015 I’ll set a few goals, and I prefer to call them goals rather than new years resolutions.  Somehow when I set a few doable goals it seems easier to chip at, and actually tackle the beast of a resolution.  This year is full steam ahead with my art career.  Getting noticed is my one and only goal or for those of you that have to call it resolution - ok my resolution.  I did say I don’t like to make a lot of goals but this one is a big one.  It has taken me all these years to finally get the courage and confidence to go out there with my art work and know that yes I am good enough. As good as the artist next door.  The question is do I have what it takes to sell (market) myself.  Well that is what 2015 will answer.  I know that I can do it, sell myself and my artwork that is.  Baby steps I say… Baby steps… Only one art show at a time. There will be that gallery out there that when they see my work they will say so do you have gallery representation?  Hey that is my goal. To get my art out there in the universe.  Get it seen and noticed by as many people as possible.  With that said I will leave with a piece that I did a few years ago.  I just love the movement in this. Besides it is very appropriate for this season.  The title “THRU THE SNOW” it is acrylic on canvas.