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So sometimes during days like today it is nice to be able to stay home and see just how to put all this into a painting.  Blizzards like the one that we are experiencing here in the east coast at the moment well, some good usually comes out of them.  I mean if I incorporate the colors of winter which are usually cool colors, add some other mediums and media as well as, a well thought out composition then walla a fabulous painting.  A few years ago during one of our aka “winter storms”  I came up with a piece that I called “Thru the Snow”.  So with that said I have three 18” x 24” panels that I will be working on starting tomorrow.  I will incorporate scenes from this blizzard as I see them.  The nice thing about abstract art is, that the painter interprets their moods, feelings and life around them.  In this case yes The Blizzard that we are experiencing. I usually start with an inspiration however the painting usually evolves and has a way of taking on a life of its own.  


This is a scene of my rooftop garden.  Just look at the colors very cool shades of grey against the white of the snow.  I will try to use this as a starting point in my next piece.  Let’s see what the final outcome is…  Visit me on tumblr: