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I just started a new painting.  The weather is so horrible that I have decided to use that as my inspiration.  I usually use black gesso as my first coat.  To add texture I follow the black gesso with a layer of molding paste.  I then wait a day to dry and continue adding either more molding paste or gel medium of some kind.  I continue to build the painting before starting to add color.  The colors of this painting will be different hues of green with oranges, yellows and I want to add interference paint.  Well at least that is what I plan on painting.  Usually I start with one color and let the painting dictate the out come of the piece.  I start with an inspiration and colors that I plan on using.  Starting is always the toughest part of a painting however once the painting has been started it usually takes a life of its own.  I am very excited about this one.  I plan on completing it tomorrow or the day after.  We'll see the outcome.


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