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There is nothing like a trip to the beach or water front.  Usually the sea has a way of calming us down.  In this painting I wanted to take it a step further.  What would it be like if we were down in the ocean amongst everything, coral, sand plants etc...  Imagine just how calm and soothing.  The ocean has a way of giving us an almost calming effect.  In this painting, I wanted to take the the viewer and transport him/her to the middle of nature. Take the sea and make it my own.  However still manage to maintain its soothing qualities.  Take a snap shot and transform it into a work of art.  I want the viewer to experience the same serenity when they view the painting.  The different colors of blue were mixed with soft mat molding paste.  Then I wanted to add some color and make it pop by letting it have some shine.  Each color added to this painting needed to be irridescent with the exception of its blues. I did not want the colors added to have the same mat effect. I wanted the colors to work with each other in perfect harmony.  Vibrancy yet harmonious.  By having the background of the painting be mat instead of irridescent that creates balance within.



"The Depths of the Sea" acrylic and interference paint on canvas 36"x48"