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Above "Amplitude of Sound" acrylic and copper leaf on canvas 30"x40"


I am a firm believer in constantly reinventing myself as an artist and individual.  Challenging my art skills in the long run will make me a stronger artist and more sought after.  Being an artist takes dedication and more than just a talent.  An artist needs to be a business man, a marketing executive, a sales man and lets not forget he is required to have good computer and communication skills.  Like many when I graduated from high school I decided to go to work right away instead of continuing my education.  At that age I did not want to stay in school so I did not, what a mistake that was. Now at fifty I am back in college. 


One thing that I have learned is how exciting it is to constantly learn new things.  Learning a new skill or challenging my talent can only make me a stronger artist.  When I was young I was primarily focused on realism.  I thought, to be an artist was to try to paint  anything and make it as close to photo realistic as possible.  As I got older I began to want more, so I took art classes, but that was about it.  I wanted to loosen up my brush stroke.  So I began to experiment with color and later with texture.  It was so exciting when a friend of mine said to me: oh José I like your new painting, where did you buy it?  It looks just like the one that we saw in that gallery we went in when we were in Provincetown? I painted it I said.  He couldn’t believe it.  He leaned over and checked out the signature.  “You did paint this, Londono. That is you”  At that point, I knew I touched on something.  No longer would I be that artist that painted only photo realistic images.  As I continued to paint, I quickly realized that there was more to learn about abstract art than what I thought I knew.  I began to buy books on abstract art and take classes online. As I continued to develop my art, I began to feel the need to go back and continue my education to sharpen my skills. 


Over the years I have developed quite a body of work.  I however am not a person that likes to get to used to one style.  I like diversity and show just how much I can do.  My last two art collections have been abstract.  In the first collection “RENACER” I wanted to capture the rebirth of Jose Londono the artist.  I wanted to show my diversity and talent.  With my most recent collection “Visualization in Harmony” I wanted music and harmony to be translated into art.  I wanted to eventually marry both art and music. 


Now I want to challenge myself yet again.  As a New Yorker I am quite proud of my surrounding neighborhood and being able to have everything at my doorstep.  Well, in my next collection, I am going to incorporate the landscape that is this beautiful city, that I call home and my abstract art.  The collection will be titled “Cityscapes”  In this next collection I will do several pieces on canvas paper and several more on canvas covered wood panels.  I also want to try adding collage to some of the works.  Leave some in ink, pastel and acrylic. This next collection will be a bit different than the rest.  After all isn't that part of being an artist? Showing your diversity and talent?


“I am ready for a challenge; Are you?”