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In my current collection.  Music and sound is the comon core element.  I believe that music is the one element in life that has always united us. Music has a way of unifying. In this world of constant turmoil, I usually put on something to soothe what is better equiped for that than music, especially classical music.  For this collection I want to be constantly surrounded by classical music.  This music is just inspirational and ageless. I decided to add sound which I usually abstain from however I believe that in this case it is most appropriate. In this case you are listening to Stauss - Gran Concerto di Capodanno. This collection should be soothing and timeless but still remain contemporary and abstract. I will be incorporating some kind of musical notes in each painting. One painting will be very different than the next but still remain as one unit, part of a group or collection, music will be the unifying factor. Hope you enjoy.