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"A Musical Window" is finally complete, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30"x48".  This is another painting where the main element is music, which was my inspiration. I am very proud of this current collection.  This particular body of work shows my constant wanting to push myself to do something different.  I just think that doing too much of the same gets boring quickly. In this collection, I want to stress music and a brighter, lighter and more soothing color pallat.  This painting shows the background to be as if it was part of the atmosphere. The viewer is standing and looking through a glass window where rich harmony is coming from. In essence the viewer is looking at the past, its rich and forever lasting harmony. In this case I used the musical notes of "The Hungarian Rhapsody" by composer Franz Liszt as the window on which the viewer is looking through.  I covered the musical notes with a gold glaze, to give a feel that you are looking through something. The notes are very subtle but they can still be seeing. In front, is a wavelength with peaks of amplitude to signify sound as it is seeing through a computer.  


Like everything else in life, it is good to constantly push yourself and aspire towards excellence.  Now when I look back at my body of work, I can see where I was at the moment and where I am now; change is good.  In the future, I would like to use what I am currently learning in multimedia and apply it to a collection of paintings.  In other words, combine my digital work with my acrylic work, the outcome should be outstanding.


It is good to continue to evolve; an artist's technique is forever changing.  As Martha would say "That is a good thing"