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The toughest part of each painting is always beginning the new process all over again.  First there needs to be an inspiration.  Then the development of that inspiration.  The main element in this collection is music.  I see an image,  now I just need to take it from the depths of my brain where it lies currently and transpose it onto the canvas.  The canvas is covered in different hues of red, coming from the far reaches of space is a cloud like of sound.  It starts of quite small and as it gets closer to the opposite end of the canvas it gets larger.  The sound wave is colorful and almost intoxicating with bright colors and reflection that comes from the glass bead gel and interference paint.  So as you see the image is there, now all I need to do is start the painting process. This next piece will also be 30"x48"  like the last; I am trying to paint larger these days.  It is easier to implement my thoughts onto the canvas when the support is larger. 


I hope to have a good portion of the painting complete by my next post.

Remember "An artist is only as good as his last painting," so I will continue to paint and remain focused.

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