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The home of Dr.Joe Tatta and his husband Jeorge Figueroa, now is the home of the painting "Thought and Perseverance." The painting now hangs in the dinning room of their Connecticut home, as shown in the photograph above.  It is always a great feeling when the new owners of one of my paintings sends a photo of the addition to their collection.  As an artist, I do not expect any of my clients to photograph artwork purchased from me.  However, it is a great feeling when someone does such a wonderful gesture. To know that there is a piece that was made by me and it now hangs in someone else's home, wow that is the closest to celebrity that I will get.  I have to admit it is the nature of the business; making art and selling it.  After all, that is how we as artists make a living.  If we don't sell, we don't eat, plain and simple. Well, what happens to the art when it finally arrives in its new home?  Does it go in a closet somewhere?  Or does it get hung? Well hopefully it gets hung for everyone to enjoy.


Some artists are able to live of their art, others are not quite that lucky.  No matter which category you fall in, I do know that at one time or another, we have given away an art piece as a Christmas gift or even as a wedding gift or maybe even a birthday gift.  Money is not always readily available to any of us, but our art, always is. Whatever the case maybe, I sometimes stop and think "I wonder where my art work is this very moment?" Then there are times like today.


I was walking home from a tour and I heard my phone. I took a look and it was a text. The text was a photo of one of my paintings in its new home. The text read, I finally hung the painting. Needless to say I was delighted to see this text, especially since I wasn't expecting it.  I immediately posted the photo to Facebook and Instagram and of course now I am writing about it in this Blog.  Hey after all it is free publicity.  Any time that I receive a photo of a painting that I have made and it is now in a new home, I always make it a point to thank the new owner. Thank them for taking the time to send a photograph of the new addition to their collection.   


Keep your clients happy and coming back for more, that is my motto.  I am not always able to stay on top of my marketing.  Then I receive a text, like I did today. Wow, wonderful, I will ride this as long as possible it will be posted on my social media accounts and even my Blog.  Time to take some time and do some marketing.  It is a must in the art world, most of us are not always good at investing time in the business part of our art.  It is all about staying involved, not only in making art but selling it; wether it is through social media like Facebook and Instagram or a website or maybe it is by having gallery representation. Some artist sell their work through sites like Etsy while other artists will sell their work on group shows if they are lucky enough to have been picked; I have not been so lucky. Marketing our art is a must if we intend to live of it.  It takes lots of discipline, to not only make new art but market our work and sell it.  We as artists must make it a point to learn all there is to learn about selling ourselves to the public.


Today I will end with this quote of mine:

"LONDOÑO, everyone deserves to have art in their life."  


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