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"A Musical Landscape"

Acrylic on canvas 30"x48"


The above painting was the last work of art of what was a year like no other.  I wanted to end 2015 with a painting that would signify so much of what I had become. I belive that red, any hue of the color can signify many things: it can be rage, self destruction, change, love and adoration of life and world around us or just complex. The dominant color here is red, however there are many other colors in this particular painting that although small amounts are dispenssed, the meaning behind them is huge. 


2016 will definitely be a year where dreams will be made.  To start with I have a solo show coming in February.  I am sober, I haven't touched a drop of alcohol in six months and I am in college.  The paintings this year will posses a feeling of complexity and strength.


I am quite proud of the path that my life has taken all in the past six months.  That I believe is what great paintings are made of.  I will use it all to my advantage and create a show stopping collection.  The category will be self worth, strength, perseverance and courage to continue to move ahead with life.  


Yes I feel very fortunate to be an artist.  Creativity is not a gift that is given to many.  Those of us fortunate enough to join this wonderful group of people; we use everything around us to express ourselves in our medium of choice.  Had my medium been oils although the hues produced are simply extraordinary, the drying time is excruciatingly slow.  The next best thing is acrylics.  With acrylics I am able to get a similar color density as I would with oil.  


When your studio is also the place that you call home; then you make everything work double duty.  Simply put, 2016 is going to be a wonderful year, a year of extraordinary ART.


Happy New Year everyone out there in ciber land.  Remember this: "Everyone deserves to have ART in their life"


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