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 "Strength" acrylic and silver leaf on canvas.



 "Lavender Lines" acrylic on canvas.



 "Through the Snow" acrylic and mixed media on canvas.



Getting ready for a solo show.  A solo show, just those words are enough to make my stomach begin to turn.  Nervous? Who me? but of course, I'm nervous.  The whole show is solely  lying squarely on my shoulders.  I have been part of several group art shows over the years.  In those cases there is always someone in charge of putting the event together.  There is always an inspiration. That is not to say that I don't have an inspiration because I do, the title of the show will be "The Renacer Collection." The question now is, out of all my paintings, which ones do I choose to hang next to one another so that there is a continuos flow.  There should be one painting at the beginning entry to the gallery that will give an impact and draw the viewer into the gallery.  The rest of the paintings should work well when placed next to each other.  The customer needs to be enticed by each painting.  At the same time one painting should enhance the painting that is hanging next to it.  


Then there is a question of business cards and product information, as well as flyers to have available for customers to grab and read as they view each piece.  The flyers should have the numbers of each painting, its title, medium, size and price.  The information of the artist should also be available for the clients.  Clients want to know who the artist was.  Where does the artist come from?  Where was he trained?  In other words, they want to know more about the artist whose work they are about to pay good money for.  Understandable, I would want to know the same things.  I would probably go a bit furter with asking questions like: What inspires him, and what inspired this particular collection?


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