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"WINTER'S MUSICAL GUSTS"  acrylic on canvas, 12"x16"  

Every now and again, life has a way of keeping us centered and on real ground.  Sometimes it is those very moments that life throws our way when we as artists get our best inspiration; that definitely is the case with me.  It is those very dark moments in my life when I get these gusts of inspiration. 


That is what happened to me this past week.  I was feeling like the whole world was caving in around me. I did what I usually do when I begin to feel this way, I write everything down, I also begin to paint everything that comes to mind.  The funny thing is that I am able to see everything around me in abstract.  For example: I live in NYC, so when I need to go walk my dog, the buildings in front of me are usually represented by geometric shapes on my paintings.  The green on the trees as well as the few fowers around this vast ocean of concrete are represented by the multitude of color in my work.  In the case above; I was feeling quite depressed.  There was a lot going on in my mind; I didn't know quite how to takle it all.  It just so happened, that this past weekend there was a snow storm in NYC.  At times, the only things visible from my apartment window were the lights streaming from the street lights below.  So here I was, alone with my dog by my side and not able to go out to walk it off.  


I felt like I was in a sea of chaos. I have a solo art show coming up and scared of the outcome.  In school, my spring term is about to begin. I am unemployed and my art work is well recieved by the public but not purchased; therefor I have no income.  That is enough to make anyone go completely crazy, me, I just go into depression.  What is the best way to combat depression? paint of course, paint anything that comes into my brain.  


So as I stood looking out the window into the storm I said to myself, what if I took those wind gusts and gave it some color.  Very bright, bold color, a color like red.  What would gusts of wind look like on canvas.  In the background, I had some classical music playing. I felt so completely at peace at that very moment.  Is as if the snow and the wind were dancing hand in hand to this classical music that I was listening to, so peaceful. 


I decided to begin to paint; to allow the paint and the palet knife to speak.  As I began to add color to the canvas, the canvas began to dominate what colors  and textures to continue to build upon.


So there you have it, everything around me inspires me.  I am very fortunate to be able to say and live the life of an artist.  



José Fernando


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