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Works of "Acrylic on Slate" 


A recent trip took me to Lancaster, PA...  


For those that have never been to this part of the country, Lancaster is a part of Pennsylvania which is mostly farm land.  Also known as, Pennsylvania Dutch. Although recently big corporations are starting to infiltrate this beautiful and peaceful land.  That is never any good.  When visiting a farm of a close friend, I realized just how beautiful and peaceful country life could be. This particular farm has a farm house that dates back to the early 1800's.  Absolutely amazing to think that a house has been standing for that length of time.  Lancaster, PA was settled mostly by the Amish and Mennonite.To this day, the Amish and Mennonite's are still very much a part of the Lancaster.  They can be seen running small local farm stores to the big corporate retail chains, the Amish and Mennonites' are very much a part of the community.


While walking around the farm, I noticed stacks of slate.  Slate was used on roofs because of its durability.  Slate is a natural rock that if cut thin enough, it can be used on roofs without needing extra reinforment. I began to imagine all the beautiful paintings that I would be able to make.  Since I work with acrylics, I know that acrylic paint is extremely versitle. They can be used on just about anything, which I do.  I spoke with my friend and very much to my surprise we worked out a deal. I was able to bring home with me, a little over a dozen pieces to work on.  When I got back to New York City, I began the process of cleaning them and getting them ready for paint.  I am currently in the process of working on this series of acrylic on slate.  I don't have a title for the series except for "Acrylic on Slate or Works on Slate" The first three works from the series are now up for view on my website. 







"Our physical being may eventually pass but ART is forever." 


José Fernando Londoño

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