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 Today was the art talk with yours truly as the guest of honor at Harborfields Public Library Gallery Show, in Long Island NY. I was quite nervous at first not knowing what to expect from an art talk; or if anyone was going to show up at all. As I walked in I noticed that there were already people waiting to meet me. Wow, they came for me, they were there with a curiosity in what I had to say. What my inspirations for each painting were? How long have I been painting? How long does it take me to make a painting that measures 36” x 36”? I was asked such terrific questions. These were people that were fascinated by my work and what I had to say. As I began to speak the nervousness slowly dissipated. I very quickly realized that they were there to see and speak with me. They wanted to meet the person behind the art hanging on the walls. It was a wonderful feeling. Although I did not sell any art work, I did realize that my art mattered. Today I got a chance to speak to some really terrific people. They did not realize exactly how much I needed to see a turn out like I had today. As an artist it is a great feeling when someone you don’t know or just met shows interest in my creative thinking and final product.

 As I left I turned around and couldn’t help but be thankful to my dear friend Michelle Athanas for introducing me to Susan Hope from Harborfields Public Library. I now have two solo shows underneath my belt, thanks to such wonderful ladies like Michelle and Susan. I feel honored and privilege for the for chance of showing my work in a solo exhibit. Many times as artists we have to share the exhibit with other artists. Solo events do not happen very frequent.

 To Susan and her staff, I want to thank you for allowing me to show my art work.
 To Michelle, thank you for believing in my work and introducing me to the people in Long Island New York.


Thank you all for having me,



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