Artist Statement

ART those three letters have such significance. If we stop to look closely at our surroundings, we will find that ART is around us in every direction. ART can be intoxicating and a mood changer.  I want those viewing my work to be taken over by serenity - Zen and tranquility.  The use of bright and bold colors bring a sense of life and energy to each work of ART.  I like to exaggerate shapes and add texture to each piece.  Make it unique while still maintaining its common core, that certain additive that makes each piece unique.  Each one of my paintings begins with an inspiration however once started each one takes a life of its own.  I guess I want people to become invigorated with energy and ready to tackle any struggle that comes their way.  




"EVERYONE should have ART in their life"   




                                                     JOSÉ FERNANDO LONDOÑO