Chasing the Dream Series








“Chasing my Dream” is a series of paintings of acrylic on slate support. In this series, I create movement in its most basic and abstract form. The use of color combined with geometric lines and shapes in one-direction gives the illusion of movement. Through this, I am able to express my moods, dreams and the chase of future goals. Also in this series, I begin to incorporate the human form with abstract shapes, textures, and bold colors.  


Painting on a slate support is indeed a new vehicle for me. One which has not been used by artists in the past. Like many artists, I communicate with the public through my art. Art is my creative form of expression.



"Our physical being may

eventually pass on, but 

ART is forever"    José Londoño



West Side Arts Coalition 

Broadway Mall Community Center Gallery

(Center Island)

96th St. & Broadway (1, 2, 3 trains to 96 St)