Compositions on Slate

(above) "The Family of us..."

#10 in the series, Compositions on Slate.


As an artist, the inspiration for my work comes from all aspects of life. With this particular series of paintings titled, Compositions on Slate, I wanted to use slate as the platform on which to paint on. Normally the platform for paintings is either canvas or wood panel. While on vacation one day on a farm out on Lancaster, Pennsylvania I saw a pile of slate. This gave me an idea. I would speak with the owner and see what deal we would strike up. I was able to buy twenty-five pieces of slate from him.  These pieces of slate were normally used for roof shingles on the farmhouse. My vision was to use these slate tiles as they were. I would not ruin their appearance by making them perfectly square. Allowing their natural jagged edges to be seen would be part of the overall painting.  


With each one of these paintings, I treat them like I would any other painting. I clean them and gesso them. That allows for acrylic and any other medium that I use to adhere to such an uncommon platform.  The only difference that I see is the size of each one of the paintings.  With that said, hanging them would pose a difficulty. I would have to use my creativity to hang them. At first, I wanted to frame them, but that would ruin the look.  I wanted the paintings to appear as if they were floating.  With some epoxy and wood slats, they look as if they are floating on the wall. Once dry, I drilled holes in the wood and ran a picture wire to hang.   


Challenging my creativity with each one of my projects is what allows me to be who I am as an artist. A person does not need to use any of the conventional vehicles to paint on.  Being an artist means that I am creative. I use the creative side of my brain.  I constantly challenge myself, that is what inspires me.  

West Side Arts Coalition 

Broadway Mall Community Center Gallery

(Center Island)

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